We Are Still Here! – “Mir Zaynen Do!”

The Holocaust through Music & Memory

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January 27th is the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Army. We Are Still Here tells the story through music and memory of the Holocaust, with specific recollections of experiences in Auschwitz.

“We Are Still Here!” (Mir Zaynen Do) is an exploration of the Holocaust through song and memory. The songs are woven together by a narration that includes survivor memories collected by the noted Holocaust educator Dr. Leatrice Rabinsky.

“Yes, we sang in the ghettos and concentration camps. Songs were sung even in the death camps. . . . They were the only means of expressing our sadness and grief, defiance and hope. When our spirits sank, the songs took over, they helped us to keep our faith that life held some meaning.”

– Shoshana Kalisch, Auschwitz Survivor

The Holocaust through Music & Memory

Sung by The Western Wind and Narrated by Danny Burstein and Jessica Hecht