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Ke Keresh de Mi? (What do You Want From Me?) Songs of Love and Relationship

Saturday, February 17, 2024 • 7:30 pm
Saint John’s in the Village


Sung by The Western Wind
Linda Lee Jones & Christina Kay, sopranos • Eric S. Brenner, countertenor
Bradley King & David Vanderwal, tenors • Paul Greene-Dennis, bass

Anonymous Sephardic songs and music by Wert, Monteverdi, Marenzio, Palestrina, Billings, Brahms, Rodgers, Ellington, Cole Porter, Bernstein, Elliot Z. Levine, Brian Wilson and more …

Prepare to be enchanted by soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics that explore the intricacies of love and relationships. From heartbreak to blissful romance, The Western Wind will take you on a musical journey that will resonate with your own experiences. Feel the power of music to connect, heal, and inspire. This concert promises to deliver an unforgettable evening filled with emotion, beautiful melodies, and stunning polyphony.